PolyTech Construction has been serving the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area since 1990. The professional Construction Service Provider including Roofing, Siding, Windows and Gutters.

People forget that wind, harsh winters, and steamy summers pound down on their roofs each and every day. Protecting and repairing your roof is critical to prevent the elements from coming inside. PolyTech’s trained professionals will come out and do a complete examination of your roof and state possible problems. They will then make a recommendation on a proper course of action for you to take to ensure your family's safety and comfort.

 PolyTech is an industry leader in providing roofing solutions and guarantees it's work with a ten-year warranty.

Types of Roofing

Composition Shingle

The most widely used roofing material is the composition shingle. Commonly known as asphalt shingles, they come in two types, differentiated by the base material. They consist of either an organic fiber mat or fiberglass core.

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Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shakes offer a natural look with a lot of character. Because of variations like color, width, thickness, or cut of the wood, no two shake roofs will ever be the same.
Wood offers some energy benefits, too: it helps to insulate the attic, and it allows the house to breathe, circulating air through the small openings under the felt rows on which wooden shingles are laid. Cedar shake roof, however, demands proper maintenance and repair, or it will not last as long as other products. Mold, rot, and insects can be a problem. The life cycle cost of a shake roof may be high, and old shakes can't be recycled


Slate Roofing

While individual tiles may break from time to time, slate tiles as a whole can last over 50 years. This means one roofing job, then you're done. You won't have to do it again. Slate tiles are considered to be high-end materials, plus they give your roof a nice uniform look that can be seen from a mile away because of the eye-catching metallic quality to slate.



Copper Roof

Metal roofs have returned from the olden days to become a popular roofing option. Once limited to low-slope structures, standing seam steel roofs can now be used on steeper roofs as well. Metal is durable, practically maintenance-free, heat reflective and nonflammable. Installed in sheets, a metal roof will actually dissipate a lightning strike rather than conduct it (a concern left over from the olden days). For real visual impact, a copper roof ages to an attractive patina.


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